The “Dewa Yadnya” Set – Collection Of Bali Museum

The term Dewa Yadnya means the religious ceremony dedicated to God in all of His manifestation which is carried out in a temple or other holy place. The Dewa Yadnya is one Panca Mahayadnya (Five Great Yadnya) as describes in Taittriya Aranyaka 2.10. The Dewa Yadnya in Bali includes the ceremonies such as Memungkah or Ngenteg Linggih, a ceremony performed when using a building for the first time or renovating a temple. Odalan, a ceremony performed every 210 days. Betara Turun Kabeh, a ceremony conducted every one year of Saka Calender. Panca Wali Krama , the ceremony dedicated to God every five years of Saka Calender. Eka Dasa Rudra, every 100 years of Saka Calender.

The Dewa Yadnya set – collection of Bali Museum consists of a number of Pratima (certain God statuettes), Pralingga (mythological of God’s vehicle), Janggawari (a construction used to lay down the Pratima in the purification procession ceremony towards the sea or water resources), and a few of pots to keep the Tirtha (Holy Water).

Dewa Yadnya Set

I will tell you about Pratima and Pralingga collected by Bali Museum. Some items of Pratima are: Rambut Sedana, Dewi Saraswati ( Goddess Saraswati ), and also Siwa and Durga Mounted On A Bull.

Rambut Sedana is a Pratima to worship the God of Wealth. It is assembled by chinese kepeng coins. Rambut Sedana is beloved by merchants.

The Pratima of Rambut Sedana

Dewi Saraswati is the Goddess of knowledge, music and art. The Pratima of Dewi Saraswati is worshiped to bless the holy scriptures and literatures being held by Hindu family. The adoration is also to protect and avoid the devotees from laziness and unawareness.

Pratima of Dewi Saraswati

Siwa and Durga Mounted on A Bull is another Pratima displayed at Bali Museum. In Hinduism, Siwa is one of the Trimurti ( the three primary aspects of divine ). According to the Trimurti system, the creator is Brahma, the maintainer or preserver is Wisnu, and the destroyer or transformer is Siwa. Meanwhile Durga is demon-fighting of Siwa’s wife, Goddess Parwati, as described in Markandeya Purana.

Siwa and Durga Mounted On A Bull

Pralingga Macan is the God’s vehicle in Tiger form. Tiger is the vehicle of Goddess Durga. According to Markandeya Purana, the form of Durga was created as a warrior goddess to fight a demon called Mahishasura. The Goddess Durga rode Her tiger and killed Mahishasura with Her trident.

Pralingga Macan - Flickr

One can learn more about Dewa Yadnya and spirituality at Bali Museum.

By Sapteka,