Kite Flying in Sanur Beach

On June 08, 2008, Rama and Krisna bought a new kite at Ketut Sumitha’s shop. The shop is located at Nusakambangan Street, in front of Erlangga Art Shop, Denpasar, Bali. They chose Be-bean type kite (a “fish”-form traditional kite). The kite was made from plastic with bamboo stick frame and it cost Rp 7,000. It was not a big one, but they didn’t know where to fly it. I told them to fly it in Sanur Beach since the wind was strong enough to fly the kite. They agreed to go to the beach and asked me to accompany them.

Sanur Beach has some entry points. We decided to enter the beach via Pantai Karang Street. Pantai Karang (Karang Beach) is our favorite place to visit in Sanur Beach. The Honorary Consulate of Hungary is also located in this street. We love this beach since it has a sea wave barrier, make it safe for us to swim. There is also a changing room with shower here.

Rama and I were swimming for a while at the beach while Krisna flews the kite alone. Krisna made a pivot string for kite and then he flew it easily since the wind was strong and its exact pivot point. The kite moved to left and right with balance. We loved to see our kite flying.

Well, I think Sanur Beach is also a good place for kite flying and Ketut Sumitha is a good kite maker.

By Sapteka,