Site Map of Puri Denpasar in Year 1906

Puri (read pu – rï) means balinese palace where the king and his family lives and rules his kingdom. Denpasar (read Den – pä – sär) is one of many kingdoms in Bali. So, Puri Denpasar means the palace of the king of Denpasar. It was located in the centre of Denpasar City. It was? Yes, because this old Puri was destroyed by Dutsch while they conquer the Kingdom of Denpasar in year 1906. Now in this site has been built as the residential of Governor of Bali in Surapati Street, Denpasar, Bali.

The Puri Denpasar has 171 meters length and 158 meters width. It has a thick wall, about 1,5 meters and 6 meters height. To enter the Puri, there are two dignified gates at west and south side of it. Inside it, the yards are separated by walls.The buildings were built from stones. Many of them have their own verandah. A lot of buildings in this palace and also a beautiful park called Taman Narmada.

Do you want to see and have more information about Puri Denpasar? Click here to enter the entrance gate.


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  1. […] Site Map of Puri Denpasar in Year 1906 […]

  2. maaf mengganggu pak, ini saya mahasiswa Arsitektur Universitas Diponegoro. Dalam mata kuliah Sejarah Arsitektur, saya mendapat tugas untuk mencari letak Puri Denpasar dalam google map, kira2 Puri Denpasar ini berada di daerah apa ya pak? terimakasih.

    • Saya berkeyakinan Puri Denpasar hingga tahun 1906 berada pada Gedung Jaya Sabha (rumah dinas Gubernur Bali) sekarang. Batas-batasnya: Utara – Jalan Durian, Timur – Jalan Kaliasem, Selatan – Jalan Untung Surapati, Barat – Jalan Veteran Denpasar. Koordinatnya 8°39’18.43″S dan 115°13’3.66″E.

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