Jeroning Ancak Saji

This post is part of  Site Map of Puri Denpasar.

Jeroning Ancak Saji (read je – ro – nïng än – cäk sä – jï) was the first yard of the palace. There were 4 units of Bale (read Bä – lé) here, 1 unit of well, and 1 unit of high building at south-west Corner called Panggungan (read päng – gung – än). The Panggungan was equipped with some steps made from stone. The King or Cokorda (read Co – kor- de) usually went to Panggungan in the evening to watch the cockfighting, and the people who pass the road. The position was very strategic because it was located at the corner of the cross road to Kesiman, Sanur, Sesetan and Pamecutan. It’s also near from marketplace. So, at that time, Panggungan was one of many favourite places for Cokorda Denpasar to visit.

The picture below described the layout of Jeroning Ancak Saji. The area was about 46.50 m by 45.50 m.  At north, there was an entrance gate to Taman Narmada. At east, there was an entrance gate (Sawangan Kembar) to Loteng Pesanggrahan.

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