My Internet Connection, Telkomspeedy

Telkomspeedy is an internet connection service using Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) technology provided by Telkom Indonesia. The ADSL technology ables automatically connect ADSL modem to server using Telkom telephone line. An ADSL modem provided with a splitter which enables costumer to make or receive phone call when Internet connection is active.

I have been using Telkomspeedy since December, 2007. I remember,  it was a slow ADSL connection. Sometimes, it made me hungry and angry when I used it to browse.  Usually  it was only 7 KB/sec to download using Mozilla Firefox at home. When I visited the promo at Telkom Building located at Jalan Teuku Umar, Denpasar, the browser showed only 3 to 4 KB/sec…. Well, It was a hard time for the salesman to sell Telkomspeedy since it was too slowwwwww. But I agreed to subscribe because Telkom is an Indonesian State-Owned Company.

One day in August 2008, a staff of Telkomspeedy called me and she asked me about Telkomspeedy service and said on behalf of PT Telkom she thanked me to use Telkomspeedy connection. I taught, it just a lip service since I usually called Telkomspeedy costumer care when the connection down. But I felt something different when I downloaded an open source flight simulator from FlightGear. The Telkomspeedy is faster than before…. The browser shows 42.6 KB/sec at 8.00 am using Prolink H9200J ADSL modem. Never since I described the connection I have got this speed. Yes, it is true and I never call 147 (the phone number to report or complaint about Telkomspeedy where I never spoke softly) again.

Telkomspeedy 42.6 KB/sec

Telkomspeedy is downloading at 42.6 KB/sec

Now I am enjoy watching video from internet with Telkomspeedy. Thanks for the service.

By Sapteka,