Kelurahan Dauh Puri Celebrate The Indonesia Independence Day

Lot of work to do in this month. The village or Kelurahan Dauh Puri
of Denpasar Bali celebrate the 63th anniverary of Indonesia
Independence Day on August 18, 2008 with Torch Festival and Bamboo Climbing
events .

The Torch Festival started at 19.00 pm on August 16. During the event, the
people walked around the Kelurahan area and carried a bamboo torch start from
Buru Street to Diponegoro Street, Hasanudin Street, Mayjen Sutoyo Street, PB.
Sudirman Street, Yos Sudarso Street, Diponegoro Street, Nusakambangan Street
and finish at Kelurahan Office. At the end of the festival, a lot of
door prizes given by bussinessmen and companies in Dauh Puri were drawn. The
poeple were very happy when they got some umbrellas, bags, shoes, DVD Player,
Television Set and many other things and left the Kelurahan Office at
about 10.00 pm.

After supper, we continued our work to to prepare the Bamboo Climbing event.
Two bamboo poles were brought from Kelurahan Office to Tragia Area. The
bamboos were carried by Pecalang Trijaga Mandala. At Tragia Area we started to
dig a hole for bamboo position and tied the gift on bamboo. Each bamboo has 24
black plastic bags of gift. It was a hard work for Pecalang Trijaga Mandala to
dig some holes at Tragia Area. We found no problem at the first dig and the
bamboo pole was succesfully erected. But not for the second one. We failed to
dig a hole for the second bamboo due to stonelike building material laid under
the soil. It could be from the ex building of a jail before the Tragia Shopping
Centre was built. We moved to another position and start to dig but failed
again……. At the fifth position we succesfully dig a hole for the second
bamboo. Thanks to Pecalang Trijaga Mandala for their help.
On August 17, at 10.00 pm the people came to Bamboo Climbing event. There
were some groups of youth prepared to climb the bamboos. It was not easy to do
since both bamboss has been with filled with oil! The oily bamboo surface often
caused the climbers sliding down and made the event full of joy. After some
trials the climbers are able to reach the top of bamboo pole and to drop down the

Happy Anniversary of Indonesia Independence Day.

By Sapteka from Bali Island,

About AXIOO PICO Notebook

On August 18, 2008, I bought AXIOO PICO notebook at RIMO Mall accompanied with my friend, Edi Budiasa. RIMO Mall is located at Jalan Diponegoro, Denpasar City, Bali. RIMO is biggest computer shopping mall in Bali. Actually I would like to buy an Asus EEE PC 900, but we didn’t find it. After looking at some booth’s displays, we found a nice looking AXIOO PICO notebook at Cipta Piranti Utama.

At first sight, I felt in love with this notebook. It has white color and 10 inch WSVGA LCD bundled with Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP 2. It is also equipped with Intel Atom 1.6 GHz CPU, 1 GB SODIMM RAM, three USB connectors, Speaker and Mic connector, WIFI, Web cam, card reader, LAN RJ-45 connector, stereo speaker and VGA connector. There is no optical drive in this notebook, so we need an external DVD drive to install the softwares.

We asked the sales girl about the price. She said,” Five million six hundred thousand Rupiahs.” I agree with the price but she said there is no technician today due to anniversary of Indonesia Independence Day. I said, “OK, we can install the software here but you have to lend us an external DVD drive”. She cannot help because there is no external DVD drive at Cipta Piranti Utama. I read at PC Media Magazine that Cipta Piranti Utama is a main dealer of AXIOO in Denpasar. How could there is no External DVD Drive at Cipta Piranti Utama? The salesgirl and the manager said that they can not lend us the drive. I canceled the transaction and looked for another choice.

At first floor, we found AXIOO PICO notebook at Tri Star. We asked him about the external DVD Drive and he said “we can lend you the drive and also the technician.” Well, I think no problem to install the software. We asked the price, and the salesman said, “Five million eight hundred thousand Rupiahs”. I asked “What about 5.6 ? ”. He said “OK”. Then I checked the notebook and we started to install the software.

I would like to install the Ubuntu 8.04 Operating System and planned to use it with Microsoft XP Home Edition in this notebook (dual boot). After exploring the notebook, we found that only one partition in 160 GB hard disk for system (drive C). We tried to make another partition using Partition Magic Software in Windows XP, but it failed to make another partition. We tried another way by booting it via external DVD drive and use Partition Magic in DOS, but still didn’t work. Then I decided to use Windows XP only and continued to install some free ware but excellent softwares such as Open Office, GIMP, Mozilla Firefox, Foxit Reader, FLV Player, Winamp, Google Earth, IZArc and Amaya. All of the software are working properly, except the Ubuntu Operating System. Is it possible to install Ubuntu OS in this notebook? Somebody help me, please?

By Sapteka.